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 Fall time is just AROUND THE CORNER----Along with Tailgate Parties use MIKE'S SEASONINGS for your COOKIN' TIME! We have lot's of SEASONINGS & Cookin' STUFF for you to really enjoy the GREAT outdoors----don't forget to check out our Recipe page to see how we use ALL of our Seasonings! 
   Here's our brand "NEW"
     Green Chili Sauce from
---------NEW MEXICO-----
                           The Hot Variety
.            Introductory  OFFER $ 8.00 a Pint-or 2 for $ 14.00
                                         ORDER NOW"
          ---------------------CALL 870-688-0428------------------

  Don't forget ----MIKE'S SALSA----Salsa & chips
    It doesn't get any more AMERICAN than that!
 Just a little "SPLASH"on the History of Mike's Salsa----I  was born & lived on a ranch in N.E. New Mexico---The bunk house where a lot of the daily meals were eaten--this Salsa was on the table ALL the time. Mrs. Chacoan made the Salsa. My Grand mother sold the ranch in the early 60's-----My Mom Lorraine Watts obtained the recipe from Mrs. Chacoan. When I came to Arkansas in 1992 calling on Veterinary clinics I needed something to"Break the Ice" & get to know my
new accounts---I called my Mom---- to send me the recipe----the rest is history-------You want an "ORIGINAL" New Mexico Salsa------This is a must ! "TRY" some today!
Buy 1 pint $6.00 each---or 2 pints for $ 10.00----Best buy a
--------------------------Case[12] for $ 48.00---------------------


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                                  New "PRICES"--Check it out!!

       Mike's Rib Rub-Pork Seasonng            Mamma Watts All Purpose Seasoning
Old Price--$10.00---NEW  $8.00                    Old Price--$ 10.00- NEW  $ 8.00

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